Thursday, December 07, 2006

I hate finals week

So I'm getting too busy with papers, exams, projects, dance practices and everything a the same time1 UGHHHHH!!! I hate school right now! the cold weather doesn't help neither... it makes me feel like DOING NOTHING!!!
BUT...... I'm excited to go home Dec 21 !!! Warm weather, beautiful beaches, good food, family, commodities and Yay for me!1 (LOL I'm a geek) whatever.. must love Latinstud.. sometimes... haha

So I have to write about a stupid kid that scared me soo bad! i was about to cry and such... good thing I have friends and they helped me out really fast... I want to punch him on the face!!! Ugh.. I hope I don't see him on Campus anymore!!! HONESTLY this person is EVIL.. like not Christian... anyway.. i'll write the story sometime.

So I loved the NATIVITY. It is such a great Movie!! I felt spiritual and such.. (which I haven't felt for soo long! except for the Christmas Devotional in SLC)So yeah...


At 9:38 PM, Blogger el veneno said...

You were at the Christmas devotional??? Punk. I was there too.

Good luck with finals and stuff. It's cool at least you've got going home to look forward to.


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