Sunday, December 10, 2006

Where LatinStud Grew up

So Since Im really excited to go back home.. I think Im goign to post little things about me and where I grew up everyday... maybe I'll post a picture of myself one day.. we'll see....

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So this is the "town" where I grew up. This picture is taken from the Only Elevation of the city. It's called Bomboli. Most of what u see it's residential zone. U can't really see Downtown and the North of my city (that's what I think) It is considered a city since the last couple of years. They just opened the first mall. the city has 4 supermarkets already, and one store like "toys r us", the first "anillo vial" which connects to all the main roads of Ecuador, like i high way (I dunno how to call it) I guess it's getting bigger and bigger. So yeah.... thats SANTO DOMINGO... not big huh?


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