Sunday, June 11, 2006

What’s up with my life?

Well! ECUADOR WON against Poland 2 – 0!!!!! It was the GAME! The first half was really cool and yeah, all of my friends were so excited… the second half was alright but we did the 2nd goal in half… anyway! Ecuador rocks right now!!! One of the best games so far, the other ones are not a big surprise and we already know who’s going to win right after 5 min the game started. Right after the game, my friend and I wore the Ecuadorian Jerseys, got a car and big flag and went to make noises to the Streets! At night Latin parting wearing our jerseys and letting know everyone that we were from Ecuador and that we won the first World Cup game! Lol… Our next game against Costa-Rica! So yeah! Another Party on Thursday at 7am!

So I’ve been partying a lot!! Every weekend is so cool and I have been having way too much fun!! I got friends that are party animals like my friends back home and I don’t get bored! Hot people EVERYWHERE and open minded people!!
School is doing alright! I hate my religion class! It’s the worse class I have this semester and I’m pretty much failing it. I’m doing really well in Marketing and alright in Humanities… ohh and I hate BALLET! I hate it! Hate it, hate it! Oh well, I’ll be done with that class soon! At least I won’t get a bad grade like I will in religion.
I’m liking P-town a lot better, even thou I go to SL for the entire weekend! But I’m excited because I’m going to love the Apartment I’m staying for Fall semester :D It’s in one of the coolest condos I have seen on town! :D (a lot of cool latinos live there!) and yeah! I’m getting myself car for my birthday!! I still want the Mazda 3! We’ll see what I can get, maybe a Yaris or something cheaper….

Another good news, I got my tickets to go home for 2 weeks! I’m really excited! My family planned a trip to CARTAGENA- Colombia… it should be way fun to go to the beach, shopping, partying and such! Ohhh… I got offered 2 jobs in this month… one of them a secretary in this office talking Spanish $14 an hours! Cool huh? But I couldn’t work because I don’t have time and it was too late to apply like an internship (International Student can work off campus if it’s an internship) and to be part of a gay porn movie! Lol… yeah $200 for the photo-shots, plus a personal trainer for Golds-gym and a lot of money once I get filmed! Haha… This guy saw me last week and asked me about it! Of course I said no! But I guess I felt kind of flattered with the offer.

PRIDE weekend! The parade was LAME! Even thou my friends and I had a lot of fun saying Hi to everyone and dancing on the street!! The festival was a lot better!! A lot of hot people over there! Ohh my.. that’s when I was glad that I was in Utah… soo many HOT PEOPLE! The pride- parties were a lot of fun!! I met TONS of HOT people and got a lot of phone numbers! Hehe

Church is going better! Since I broke up I haven’t dated anyone. I’m trying to be a good boy!! I have gone to church and I love the Bishop! He’s so cool! And yeah, I started to read the scriptures, pray, go to ward prayers and such. I decided last night that I need to take a break and I need to focus more in my Spiritual part. Even thought I will have the risk that I will get depressed again and start taking those stupid pills! I never have taken them because I’m trying to keep myself active and such… that’s why I dance so much and always want to do something… otherwise I would be addicted to those pills by now! Even thou for the summer I won’t need them because I’m way busy, anyway! I’m just scared for the winter….. :S Anyway…
Ohh for those people that like LATIN music! Hector Buitrago has a new cd “Conector”! I love it! LUV IT!! It has a couple songs with Andrea Echeverri, Alex Ubago and Julieta Venegas. One of the best Colombians musicians like Martina Camargo and Ever Suarez! So yeah... there u go! It’s available on i-tunes and other LEGAL download websites.
Another good cd that I’m loving it! Nelly Furtado “Loose”, good songs with Timbaland and Pharrell! My favorite is “No hay igual”, “Maneater” and of course “Promiscuous Girl.” Anyhow!

I better go… I just haven’t had time to write something. I’m going to watch a movie and make cookies! :D