Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So i broke up with my favorite dance partner.... the girl i have the cool pics with... I"m sad... but i dunno.. the "thingy" that i felt when i was dancing with her it's all gone... so i broke up... i think it was a mistake... I'm going to miss her soooooo much!! sooooo much!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2007 Personal Goals

So it's always good to write goals, right? well I remember last year I did wrote my goals... of the ones that I didn't achieve was to have a car... what a shame...

WEll this year I want to achieve couple of things and I'm hoping to accomplish them.

Improve my life style, that includes GO to church more often, read the Book of Mormon from the beginning to the end and find a balance between my "material life style" and my "spiritual life style".... sounds dumb, but I think I'm finding that balance.

Go to an internship! I need one this spring and summer... any ideas someone? I'm a Latin=American studies mayor, business minor and have a Global certificate Managment (well I'm missing the internship experience and another 3 credit class) well I hope i can get a good internship so I can put in my resume... :D

Go to Back-up tour for Dance.... I achieved moving up to the next level, I didn't move up at the beginning of last semester I did at the end and that's AWESOME :D
So I need to be a lot better in foxtrot and Rumba, which are the try out dances... I'm medaling in my 300 hundred level class this semester as well and I want to go to the last 400 level class offered :D (that's a HUGE step I'm hoping I can get there)
Also I want to PLACE top 3 in Novice and place in Pre-champ Latin... I also want to place in Amateur Rhythm which is a 5 dance competition... I'm starting to work hard to accomplish those goals.

At the end of Next fall semester, I'm hoping to be done with most of my classes... I want to enjoy my last winter semester taking fun classes :D and enjoy Back up tour.

I WILL have a car! I'm going to get the license on Tuesday no matter what!!! I won't forgive myself if I don't! I'm a Senior at college and I need a car!

THIS year is a very key year for me, because it's my last year of school... and that means that I have to play my cards really well so I can be able to stay in the US and be able to make my life here... I'm considering Canada a TON! so we'll see what I end up doing for my internship.

I want to mature more and start thinking like an adult, I've mature a lot the last 2 years... but I have to take a lot of things more seriously .

Well... that's it I think.. at least that's what I'm thinkng right now...