Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Best of: Pictures

So Whatever... A lot these pictures reminded me of the great year that I had!!!!:D

My best friends and I!
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the best friend in the World in Atacames- Ecuador (january)

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My (maybe-dance-partner) Summer.. Vegas Competition

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Picture of My best friend's birthday adn new years party... january

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My first dance partner in April
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Photo shot picture, taken by one of my favorite people this year:D (November)

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The best friend when she came all from Ecuador to visit me in Utah (July)

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MY nephews and I in DOminican Republic... One of the best familiar trips ever! (Aug)

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Dancesport Fall semester dancing the Cha-cha

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So yeah... couple of pictures I like cuz they have a lot of meaning and give me great memories of this year.

Where LatinStud Grew up

So Since Im really excited to go back home.. I think Im goign to post little things about me and where I grew up everyday... maybe I'll post a picture of myself one day.. we'll see....

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So this is the "town" where I grew up. This picture is taken from the Only Elevation of the city. It's called Bomboli. Most of what u see it's residential zone. U can't really see Downtown and the North of my city (that's what I think) It is considered a city since the last couple of years. They just opened the first mall. the city has 4 supermarkets already, and one store like "toys r us", the first "anillo vial" which connects to all the main roads of Ecuador, like i high way (I dunno how to call it) I guess it's getting bigger and bigger. So yeah.... thats SANTO DOMINGO... not big huh?

Friday, December 08, 2006

I can't wait til I go home

So I know i've posted this video liek 1000 times... I really really like it! Why? cuz it reminds me when I wa a kid, how i grew up, the people, my culture, the beauty of South America and such... I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!

WEll this one.... i love it cuz u can the the latin influence in the video, the Inca culture in the nature character... I love it! The background of the music and the Music from the Andes is awesome!! in the other one.. u can totally see how LAtin American towns are... I love this Colombian artist! really reflect roots.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I hate finals week

So I'm getting too busy with papers, exams, projects, dance practices and everything a the same time1 UGHHHHH!!! I hate school right now! the cold weather doesn't help neither... it makes me feel like DOING NOTHING!!!
BUT...... I'm excited to go home Dec 21 !!! Warm weather, beautiful beaches, good food, family, commodities and Yay for me!1 (LOL I'm a geek) whatever.. must love Latinstud.. sometimes... haha

So I have to write about a stupid kid that scared me soo bad! i was about to cry and such... good thing I have friends and they helped me out really fast... I want to punch him on the face!!! Ugh.. I hope I don't see him on Campus anymore!!! HONESTLY this person is EVIL.. like not Christian... anyway.. i'll write the story sometime.

So I loved the NATIVITY. It is such a great Movie!! I felt spiritual and such.. (which I haven't felt for soo long! except for the Christmas Devotional in SLC)So yeah...