Sunday, November 19, 2006


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So I was driving crazy last night with my friend driving around to get a new Nintendo Wii... all the stores had lines by midnight... People were camping out 2 nights ago to get one Nintendo!!! wal-mart had only 20 available, Best Buy 25, Toy r us 35, and every single store that I could think of had already lines... I was mad! I wanted one sooo bad! anyway.... by 12:30am we went to the movies, got home around 3am and I remembered my friend that works in one of those stores! I text messaged with him almost and hour so I can get him to get me one NINTENDO. He told me that he cant get one because the store doesn't open until 11am and he gets off work by 6am! I was already sad and kind of mad that I couldn't get one. At 6am my friend called me and told me that he got one for me and that he was in his way with the NEW NINTENDO WII!!!!!! I was sooooooooooooo happy!!! I'm still happy! I LOVE IT!!!! I like video games and I havent gotten a console forever! so yeah! this is my christmas present!! NINTENDO WII the new way of playing video games!! So I guess I'm lucky to have one without waiting in line, camping out in the cold or anything! It's so good to have friends! WE never know when they can help us!!:D

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Sunday, November 12, 2006


So This weekend tons of dance competitions< i didn't do that well.. Hmmm... let's say that I did Tons of mistakes and that's why I didn't make it to finals. I get too nervous and then everything just bad. I'm just happy when people "get surprised" when I didn't go to finals or I didn't place how they though I should place. I did placed twice this year... (last semester I didn't place at all) so yeah It's better and I heard good comments from directors about me and my dance partner! so we'll see what happens for next semester...

So in I decided I'm a bad person.. why? well I can't stand NERD people... is that bad? Probably some people are thinking "but I'm a nerd" or whatever.. well If i've talked to u last couple of weekends I don't think your a nerd... I know it sounds bad but I just can't handle being nice to EVERYONE!! last night at the restaurant i got sick of pretending I'm the nicest guy and being fake all the time.. so yeah.. I realized that saying "hi" to people is always good.. but that doesn't mean I have to be their "friends" or I have to handle and treat them how they want to.... Pretty "shallow" but whatever. I like "latinstud" when he stands for what he believes and thinks and doesn't care what people think about him.

anyway... just an idea... oh and yeah.. that's me in the pic.